All Star Auto Detail is an auto repair franchise ran by a local entrepreneur who had reached out to me in hopes to freshen up his brand.  The young man ended up not choosing this design but it lives on my heart forever.
The ASAD mark has two schools of interpretation. 

Industrial Interpretation
The first school is that of the star and the tire that makes up the steering wheel shape are representative of industrial changes. In this school of thought, the tire means the traditional. Traditional auto-repair brings simplicity to the table. The star means friendship, safety, and relationships. At All Star Auto Detail there is more being offered than the traditional service.

Business Model Interpretation
The star represents the detailing the business. Now the focus is not only detailing but also general repair. Together with both shapes of the tire and the star, makes the steering wheel, assuring that you get where you need to go: thanks to your friends at ASAD.

As the name All Star would imply there is a natural patriotic strand seeping through to coat the brand's perception. The red, white and blue, alone would be blatantly patriotic which was not the goal. Red and a white or grey have been chosen to take priority and let the loud blue serve as a highlight color, and the black, navy, and tan serve as solid neutrals. 

I was very excited to motion design this logo but the app itself had no thought put into it at all. The motion was done far after the project's completion. 
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