The Alleged Adventurers are a group of passionate people who collectively tell stories through the tabletop fantasy ole-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. Typically players and their Dungeon Master work together or sometimes against each other to create the stories of heroes, villains, monsters, and redemption. Dungeons and Dragons has re-surged in popularity since it’s infamous time in the public eye in the 1980’s. Today Dungeons and Dragons is wildly popularized due to published campaigns like Critical Role, Dimension 20, and High Rollers to name a few. 
What makes The Alleged Adventurers different is their size and rank. What makes campaigns of dungeons and dragons shine brightest is the passion players have in the privacy of their own home. Making mistakes or failing to act under pressure is what can make sessions shine brightly in someone’s memory for ages. As the name would suggest, The Alleged Adventurers may try their best but inevitably (like most parties) will be unsurprised when plans go awry. 

The branding for The Alleged Adventurers should absolutely speak “High Confidence- Even Higher Adaptability,”  just as the characters would be able to attest. To any outside witness the group of wild outcasts from all over the planes are doing amazing things, but to anyone in their presence it’s clear they’ve either gotten extremely lucky or are one breath away from death at all times. 
Amazing Cast
The cast of this small time group has amazing people who pride themselves on their game and their relationships with each other inside and out of game. Centralized in California, the cast would play online with guest players joining from all across the world. 

Creating a online published D&D game can be tricky but what at first seemed like a disadvantage did not stop the group from attempting their pursuit of playing in the public eye of their beloved community. The Alleged Adventurers use tools like Discord, DnD Beyond, RhythmBot, and Groovy to make the most of their online experiences.

Content Creation
The Alleged Adventurers would create weekly content by streaming their home-brewed (originally made) Dungeons and Dragons game to Twitch and YouTube. In their early stages of development, things needed to remain small but their hopes were that with well crafted design overlays, branding, and their natural charm they would be able to quickly create a loyal fan base with similar interests. Eventually reaching a large enough fanbase to make their dreams create financial prosperity to scale things and hire a livestream managers and editors.

Pre-emptive Disbandment 
Unfortunately The Alleged Adventurers decided not to follow through with the endeavor as previously discussed after the several of the core members left due to personal disagreements or scheduling issues. The memories of this group will last forever and I was glad to be apart of the team for some time.

All the character portraits were done by Gemma! Please give thanks to her as well!

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