Oak Ridge High School news feed has just gotten a fresh new look. Since students are tough sell, it was imperative to the school and its Art Media club that the school news came from students for students. The Digital Imaging class needed to have a strong personal branding as well as versatile formatting in order to reach as many students with the most important information. Content may reach student via website, social media post video, or story video posts.

The Art Media has always been a fun and focused organization to provide content, messaging, and experiences to their peers. Hosting events like Super Smash Bro tournaments, Student-Idea dances, and professional portrait photography.

Every year announcers step up to deliver the info our students need to know. Announcers are encouraged to be themselves and deliver the news in a way that suits them most for the most authentic experience possible. With sayings like "Stay Hydrated!" and "Don't forget to wear your seatbelts!" announcers have a chance to create a unique experience for the viewer that is more captivating than a bland, monotone delivery of relatively simple information.
These symbols contained within colorful circles are called Badges. Their purpose is to give quick visual insight as to what the announcer's current topic is. The topic may range from any sort of announcement like: reminding students to vote if able, to buy dance tickets, or remember certain holidays mean no school! Badges will always be animated and be relevant to what topic the announcer is delivering.
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